WizeGem 3D Jewelry Design Platform

WizeGem is a web-based 3D jewelry design platform; connects users, designers and manufacturers, providing everyone the opportunity to design one-of-a-kind jewelry, visualize it in 3D, and have it produced.

WizeGem is changing the way people design, create and buy unique jewelries. It is a very powerful tool with advanced 3D algorithm that ease the usage for the users and reduce dramatically the design process for the jewelry designers.

Why WizeGem?

  • Web based
  • Hundreds of templates and elements.  Pre-made templates
  • 3D engine for auto adjustments. Auto adjustment engine
  • Advanced features (text, gems, texture, 2D to 3D, kinetic parts and more)
  • Direct integration with 3D printing services or export your STL file
  • Online interactive tutorials
  • Share your models in 3D for online visualization and personalization

WizeGem Design Application

Customizer Website Plugin

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