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WIZEgem is a web-based jewelry design application, giving everyone the opportunity to design their own custom jewelry, visualize it in 3D, and have it 3D Printed

For Home Users

Design your own personalize jewelry model, share it with your friends and choose one of our integrated 3D Printing Services to produce your model. It’s quick, easy, and fun.

For Jewelry Designers

Use WIZEgem advanced features to easily design your jewelry model, share your work with your customer to visualize it in 3D before production, and then export the file for your use.

For Jewelry Websites

Add WizeGem Customizer to your jewelry website to provide the most innovative and easy way to your customers, to visualize your models in 3D, personalize online and buy directly from your website.

From Our Vision To Your Reality

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Add WizeGem Customizer plugin to your website in seconds

Let your website visitors visualize in 3D and personalize your models online directly from your website

Gabriel E. Guzman

WizeGem offers the opportunity to those of us that are not experts yet in the traditional design tools, to still come up with very unique designs in a very short period of time. There are still things for me to learn, but so far, WizeGem is an integral part of my jewelry design workflow.

Gabriel E. GuzmanJewelry designer and 3DPRead more

Whether you are a professional jewelry designer or just want to design your own jewelry, WizeGem is your best solution

WIZEgem and 3D Printing

Design your jewelry model, export to STL file or choose one of our integrated 3D Printing Services to produce your model, all in few clicks of a mouse

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What others say about us

Kenneth Kondert

This looks like a real winner!! I visited your web site, and I was very impressed. As the first step in any custom jewelry design, this gets the customer’s idea to the designer in a very clear and direct approach! I can see this as a tremendous time saver for that first stage of design.

Kenneth KondertJewelry Designer at Riddle’s Jewelry
Client 1

I watched the video…Really cool! I didn’t look at cost, but I could see this being very useful to visualize different ideas as well as for custom work where your buyer really wants to see what’s going be done.

Client 1Jewelry designer
Rick Barboza

I want to thank you for all the personal attention you have given my concerns.  As a past customer service manager for Walt Disney it is refreshing to see this level of attention. I thank you, all, for your efforts.  I am sure that I will be pleased not only with the resolution but with utilizing your product as a standard for my designing needs.
I am very pleased with your service and quality control.

Rick BarbozaJewelry designer

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